IT Solutions

ACC-TECH’s IT Solutions allow small and medium-sized businesses to have professional IT support and service at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT employee. We remotely monitor all aspects of your network and provide on-site or remote support for any issues that arise.

With all IT Solutions plans, we also provide routine maintenance of the equipment and apply all Microsoft critical updates for you. We take all the hassle out of having computers in your business. We can provide these services to any small or medium-sized business within the Lakewood Washington Area.

Using an advanced computer and network monitoring application allows us to view all aspects of your computer network. We monitor storage space usage, temperatures, fan speed, memory usage, antivirus software, backup software, and much more. Monitoring and Alerting provides the following features:

  • Computer and network issues are determined fast
  • You can be proactive about issues in your network instead of waiting until there is a bigger problem
  • Downtime costs are reduced

Preventative Maintenance is powered by our advanced computer and network monitoring software. Using automated computer maintenance commands that are executed daily and weekly can increase the performance and productivity of your network. The preventative maintenance is performed during off-peak hours and fixes most minor issues with computers that if ignored, can degrade performance and create downtime. Our Preventative Maintenance allows you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lengthen Asset Lifecycle
  • Decrease costs of downtime and repairs
  • Improve overall network performance

Asset Management allows us to track all of your technical assets for issues and warranties. We can also assist with better lifecycle management of your technical assets. We provide you with:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, effortless asset and warranty tracking
  • Cost reduction of technical assets with lifecycle management

Using the best software and hardware for your network environment will ensure security assurance of your business. This includes virus protection, spam protection and computer backups. You will feel secure knowing your network is managed by us. With our Security Assurance, you will get:

  • Business-class firewall with virus and spam protection, and intrusion prevention
  • Antivirus protection for an additional layer of protection against viruses and malware
  • Industry-leading server backup software

Business Reviews gives you an inside look to how your network is performing. You will meet with one of our IT Service professionals that will provide reports and information regarding how your technical assets are performing. We help you to:

  • Get an inside look at your IT infrastructure
  • Identify any pending issues
  • Set goals and plans for future IT needs

Informational, downloadable PDF files to provide more information about our IT services.

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